Glass Shower Door Services in Wayzata, MN


Glass Shower Door Services in Wayzata

Your shower is like your own private waterfall where you can get clean and feel refreshed whenever the need arises. A well-built and properly installed shower can also greatly improve the appearance of your bathroom. Work with a glass shower door installation company in Wayzata if you’d like to upgrade your bathroom with an improved glass shower door or have your existing shower glass repaired.

Professional Glass Shower Door Installation & Repairs

Hopkins Glass & Shower Door is an experienced glass shower door installation, replacement, and repair company in Wayzata. Our team can enhance your bathroom by installing either a traditional framed glass shower door or a custom frameless or semi-frameless door. If you’re really looking for something special, our team can design and install a custom glass shower and tub enclosure for you. In situations where your glass shower door has been cracked, chipped or shattered, our technicians can provide glass shower door repair or replacement services.

When you hire us for glass shower door installation in Wayzata, you can rest assured that our experienced professionals use high-quality ⅜” thick shower glass that is as beautiful as it is durable. If you’d prefer, we can install elegant colorless low iron shower glass or a truly special glass shower door that is obscured, frosted or rain-etched. The premium glass shower doors that our technicians install are protected by Invisible Shield, a state-of-the-art sealant that keeps soap residue and mineral deposits from settling in your shower glass.

The #1 Shower Glass Company in Wayzata

Are you ready to improve your bathroom by installing a new glass shower door? Get in touch with Hopkins Glass & Shower Door today to request glass shower door installation or repair services in the Wayzata area!