Glass Shower Door Services in Plymouth, MN


Glass Shower Door Services in Plymouth

The shower is the cornerstone of your bathroom – and probably the part you enjoy using the most. Ideally, your shower should be a relaxing oasis to get clean at the start or end of the day, as well as improving the aesthetics of your bathroom space. When you start to feel like your current shower just isn’t cutting it anymore, you may want to hire a professional glass shower door installation company in Plymouth to install new shower glass that upgrades the appearance of your bathroom.

Efficient Glass Shower Door Replacements & Repairs

At Hopkins Glass & Shower Door, our team can provide all glass shower door services in Plymouth. Our capabilities allow us to install a new glass shower door of any style for you, whether you’re looking for a framed, semi-frameless or totally frameless design. We can also replace your existing shower space with a custom glass shower and tub enclosure, if you’d prefer. If you like your current glass shower door but it’s been cracked or broken, our experts can perform shower glass repair or replacement services.

For each glass shower door installation in Plymouth, our technicians use ⅜” thick glass that is as beautiful as it is sturdy. If you’d prefer a specialty option, such as frosted, obscured or colorless low iron glass shower doors, we’ve got you covered. Our team uses a special sealant on all of our premium glass shower doors to prevent damaging penetration by soap residue and debris.

The Premier Shower Glass Company in Plymouth

Our company has the finest glass shower doors in the business and the skills needed to seamlessly install them in your bathroom. Reach out to Hopkins Glass & Shower Door today to schedule professional glass shower door installation or repair services in the Plymouth area!